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              Click an image to see larger version

              This site has been going strong for over five years! Within it's pages you will find hundreds of images. Photos of my projects, adventures and life in general. Newest content is on top.

              airbrushed butterfly
              Mr. Smid and Airbrush Graphix
              Jan 6th, 2011
              copic airbrush system
              Mr. Smid and Airbrush Graphix
              Jan 6th, 2011
              ron smid 8x10 large format
              Mr. Smid and Airbrush Graphix
              Jan 6th, 2011
              sandblaster enclosure ventilation filter
              Sandblasted Glass
              Dec 26th, 2010
              sandblasted glass kanji japanese symbols
              Sandblasted Glass
              Dec 26th, 2010

              26W BridgeLux LED
              Oct 8th, 2010

              First Fruit
              Oct 8th, 2010

              First Fruit
              Oct 8th, 2010

              First Fruit
              Oct 8th, 2010

              High Power LEDs
              Aug 3rd, 2010
              kitten kitty cat feline baby animal cute
              Twelve Weeks
              Jun 3rd, 2010
              kitten playpen outdoor concrete posing cute
              Kitten Playpen
              Apr 24th, 2010

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